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Moldova (August 2018)

This will be a short one, as I have already written an article on Moldova. I wanted to share some places to visit, restaurants that I liked and some wedding traditions as I’ve recently been home.

My top places to visit in Moldova (so far):

  • Milestii Mici winery -> biggest underground wine cellar in the world (book in advance on their website/via email; 30min drive from Chisinau) – I have also been to Cricova winery, but the customer experience, wines from the tasting package and food was  better at Milestii Mici
  • Orheiul vechi historical and archeological complex/monasteries & Butuceni restaurant (1h drive from Chisinau)
  • Restaurants in Chisinau (the capital): Gastrobar, Osho, Acasa la mama
  • Relaxation in Chisinau (swimming pool, cosmetology, massage): Niagara Fitness center
  • In Chisinau, go for walks in Central park and admire: Stefan cel Mare’s statue, the Triumphal Arch

Here are some Moldovan wedding traditions:

  • the groom picks the bride from her home (says specific traditional poems/songs) and the siblings/friends of the bride ask for some symbolic money from him
  • there is usually a 30-45min church ceremony (most of the population is Christian orthodox)
  • every half an hour or so, everybody says “Amar”, which is a Russian tradition “Gorika” meaning the bride and groom (or whoever is targeted) should kiss; in Romania they don’t have it
  • at the end of the wedding, the bride and groom sit on a chair and the guests (esp. the Guardian couple) take the veil from the bride and add all sorts of household items near or on top of them to mark the beginning of their family life
  • there are many dances performed by traditional dancers: the dance of the “colac”, the dance with the gifts from the couple to the Guardian couple, etc.
  • the bride and groom wash the hands of the Guardian couple
  • there is always loads of food on the table and then there are moments when more warm food is brought (unlike some neighbouring countries which have started a more “Western” approach of appetizer, main and dessert)
  • there are also the typical throwing of the bouquet, cake moments, live music & DJ (that you see in most countries)
  • most people give money, not gifts (it is also I presume a personal choice as many couples live abroad so it is more practical)

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