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Spain – Costa Brava (August 2018)

We went to Costa Brava recently, so here is a quick overview of our trip with places we liked (I am trying a new format this time – instead of Day 1,2,3, I am structuring the tips based on categories: places to visit, beaches, restaurants). Main tip: we stayed at Rosamar hotel near Palamos, but if I had to redo the trip I’d stay in Cadaques town as it is one of the most beautiful beach towns I have ever been in. It reminded me a little bit of Santorini.

Places to visit:

  • Cadaques town (my favourite place by far, I would choose accommodation there next time!)

  • Salvador Dali museum house (in Cadaques)

  • Cap de Creus (lighthouse and hills by the ocean, you can hike for hours here)

  • Pals medieval town

  • Palamos

Nice beaches:

  • Cala S’Alguer

  • Platja del Castell

  • Roques Planes

Other activities:

  • Camino de la Ronda (you can hike for hours and hours by the coast or just part of it)


  • Refugio de Pescadores (St Antoni, ask for scallops salada)
  • Tastaolletes (St Antoni, 12 course affordable fine dining)

  • Celler de la Planasa (Palamos, ask for canolli with mushrooms)

Local food to try:

  • Recuet (curd cheese with honey)

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