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    Living in Dublin and visiting Ireland (2014-2018)

    It’s a rainy day here in Zurich so it seems like the perfect moment to write that blog post about Country nr. 8, Ireland, where I spent the first 4.5 years of my life after finishing my Masters degree in The Netherlands. I’m also coming back to Dublin for work soon for a few days, after 6 months since I moved from there and I promised my new colleagues I’ll give them some inspiration for places to visit & food to try:) I’ll start with some pros and cons of my life there, the way I experienced it (working for an international tech company in my mid 20s). PROS: Dublin…

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    Living abroad: United States (2017-2018)

    I moved to the US in 2009 after having won an ASSIST full scholarship to study for a year (grade 11) in a private boarding school in the US: Northfield Mount Hermon School (1.5h from Boston, Massachusetts). It was the first time I left Moldova/Romania region, I was 17 and was supposed to fully immerse in the culture (haven’t seen my family for a year), so this circumstances had a huge impact on my impression of the US. I really enjoyed my year, met a ton of students from many countries and built skills that helped me achieve other successes later on it life. I very much enjoyed the educational…

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    Living in Moldova (1990-2017)

    I lived in Moldova for 18 years until I graduated from high-school and given that I had only seen Romania (our neighboring country) and hadn’t traveled due to lack of finances to other places, I had little idea of how life might be like elsewhere. Moldova has excellent weather (all 4 seasons with hot summers and cold snowy winters), amazing local food & wine (biggest underground wine cellar in the world), doesn’t have mountains & beaches, but it has simple picturesque sights, a few small waterfalls, some lakes, etc. Roads are quite bad, many people put loads of emphasis on how they look, what they drive, owning an apart/house, but…