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    Corsica, France (August 2019)

    This trip turned out to have an unexpected timing due to some events in the last few days before we left. Besides being an exciting travel experience as with any new place I visit, it was also therapeutic for me. Overall, I was happy with the beautiful beaches of Corsica (that reminded me a little bit of Maldives) and I’m recommending it with an open heart. The only downside is that it is a little on the pricier side, esp. accommodation, so try to book in advance if you go in summer. Who is Corsica for? Short answer is: family and couples and maybe groups of friends who like a…

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    Lyon (April 2019)

    Lyon holds a special place in my life, as I did my Bachelor’s degree there, which brings some bitter sweet memories from my student life (will share more in my “Living in 9 countries by the age of 28” articles series). After 7 years, seeying Lyon through the eyes of a tourist brought only good impressions and made me appreciate it more. Regarding public transport, I recommend either buying 10 tickets that cost around 17eur and last for 1h each, getting a day pass for 6eur, and/or using the public bikes (velov) at 4eur per day (but you have to change them every 30min to avoid additional costs). Below are…

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    France – Nice (June 2018)

    This weekend we celebrated the bachelorette party of one of my friends with a group of 6 girls. We decided to go for Nice as we heard Nice has it all: beach, parties, beautiful narrow streets, good food, etc. After 2 days in Nice I have to say it did not disappoint and even exceeded expectations 🙂 My advice is to take accommodation close to old town (we rented a lovely airbnb near Rene Socca restaurant where you should absolutely try their Soccas). Day 1 We started with brunch at Marinette. They had this lovely granola, yogurt, honey and red fruits combo as well as pancakes and good coffees. We…